Direct settlement with the ÖGK


All approved and signed patient services provided by the ÖGK contract therapist are settled directly with the ÖGK, i.e. all costs are borne directly by the ÖGK. Appointments that have not been cancelled in time and treatment units that have not been signed cannot be settled directly with the ÖGK. As a result, we incur costs that we have to charge you privately. Previously agreed and agreed by the patient private services can not be settled with the ÖGK!

Billing of elective therapy services

Billing for all other funds is subject to reimbursement. Please note that 79% of the box office rate is paid.


Likewise, all services of therapists working independently in the practice are subject to elective therapy billing.

This means for you

You must first pay the entire therapy costs yourself. At the end of the treatment series, you will receive an invoice and your approved prescription form. You can submit these documents, including your payment confirmation, to the respective SV carrier.


The deductible to be borne (21% of the health insurance tariff plus difference to the optional therapist tariff) depends on the approved services and will be announced to you without guarantee BEFORE the start of therapy by your therapist.


If possible, the costs to be borne for the deductible can be submitted to a supplementary insurance for ambulance services. Please check with your insurance advisor before starting therapy!

Tariffs for elective therapists and tariffs for private services

see treatment rates