Manual lymphatic drainage


Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife developed drainage to stimulate lymphatic drainage in the thirties.

They called it manual lymphatic drainage because this method is done exclusively with the hands. Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of treatment that supports and stimulates the lymphatic system throughout the body.

Along the lymphatic pathways, gentle rhythmic, painless and slowly executed circular and spiral grips activate the lymphatic system and relax the tissue. Through its drainage effect, it supports the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and has a decongesting, soothing and relaxing effect through its fine movements.

Indication of manual lymphatic drainage

  • RџSЂRё lymphedema – congenital or caused by external influences obstruction of outflow in the lymphatic system:
  • after injuries
  • Burns
  • surgical interventions
  • Scars and
  • after removal of lymph nodes
  • in chronic venous insufficiency
  • for migraine
  • in chronic pain syndromes

Goals of manual lymphatic drainage

The goals of manual lymphatic drainage are to improve and/or restore the disturbed lymphatic drainage. Likewise, the positive influence of the autonomic nervous system leads to a relaxation of the tissue and the entire body, to a pain reduction and strengthening of the immune system.