What is HypnoBirthing



HypnoBirthing Course – Your way to gentle birth

The Marie Mongan method for gentle birth has been used in the USA since 1989 and HypnoBirthing enjoys great popularity there. In HypnoBirthing, a somewhat different birth preparation course, the expectant mother learns how she is able to experience her way to a natural, relaxed and above all fear-free birth awake and responsive with the help of self-hypnosis and various relaxation techniques.

Women’s fear of childbirth, which is deeply rooted in our culture, causes muscle cramping, reduced blood circulation and increased release of so-called stress hormones (catecholamines) in the body.

These reactions cause and aggravate the often unpleasant birth process. At HypnoBirthing you learn with self-hypnosis techniques to systematically reduce these fears and also those that are stored in us by experiences of previous births.

Many mothers describe to me in their therapy or that of their babies their often traumatic birth experiences and their consequences. Therefore, it is important to me to give as many expectant parents as possible the tools for their personal path to a gentle birth and to accompany them supportively. As an optimal complement to this birth preparation, I see my many years of experience as a physiotherapist / osteopath / pediatric osteopath, APM and TCM therapist. In this sense, I wish to take another step more towards prevention with Hypnobirthing in order to reduce possible postnatal traumatization of mother and child.

From my personal experience, I can say that since the birth of our 3rd child I became much more aware of how much I was personally able to positively influence my birth process in a wonderfully relaxed way with HypnoBirthing techniques. Therefore, I decided to do the training as a HypnoBirthing seminar leader . Our 4th child was born healthy on August 19, 2012 and thanks to HypnoBirthing very gently WITHOUT pressing .


The first HypnoBirthing babies were born healthy and gentle in June and July 2012.

The feedback from the happy parents who were able to use HypnoBirthing during childbirth was very positive and can be read in the HypnoBirthing submenu Testimonials.