Physiotherapy is carried out independently and on their own responsibility by physiotherapists according to medical prescription.

Physiotherapy includes

  • on the one hand, the avoidance of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • the preservation and restoration of natural movement sequences and
  • on the other hand, symptom improvement, control and accompaniment in order to enable the patient to have optimal freedom of movement and pain, independence or quality of life.

In the context of preventive medicine

Physiotherapy includes health advice and education, as well as preventive measures.

In the first physiotherapy unit, functional and activity limitations are made visible in the form of a finding on the basis of the symptoms and a precise anamnesis.

Subsequently, in coordination with the patient, the individual therapy goal is determined, which the therapist implements in the exercise of his manual skills by applying various movement therapy treatment concepts and techniques in physiotherapy.

Physical forms of therapy such as heat and cold applications (e.g. peat packs), ultrasound and electrotherapy are also used.