Pre- and perinatal trauma resolution


Every child experiences their unique story before, during and after birth. It manifests itself in different moods and well-being, in the nervous system, in the cells and tissues as well as in the behavior of the child. It also manifests itself directly in sleeping, breastfeeding or eating, in the entire further development, the relationship with the parents and the ability to experience emotional and physical contact.


What does the baby want to tell us when it overstretches backwards, has a blank stare, makes constantly recurring movements, is very restless, cries a lot, the cry is shrill, sleeps too little or too much, etc.?


What does the child want to tell us when he has difficulty concentrating, argues a lot with others or withdraws from others, shows the same patterns over and over again, wets his bed, suddenly falls back into an earlier stage of development, etc.?


With empathy and presence, we offer a protected space in which the child and the parents can make new experiences.