Anja Steiner

  • Heilmassage
  • Segmentmassage
  • Manuelle Lymphdrainage nach Dr. Volder
  • Fussreflexzonenmassage
  • Body Scan
  • Mentales Training
  • Progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobsen
  • Klangschalenmassage


If you follow your heart, doors will open where you didn’t expect any—and where there are doors for no one else.

(Sergio Bambaren – The Time of Shooting Stars)

Time for regeneration – body

  • Therapeutic massage (with and without prescription)
    • Musculoskeletal disorders, adhesions
  • Segment massage
    • For headaches and migraines
    • For asthma
  • Manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder
    • In case of edema diseases
    • After lymph node removal
    • After surgery
  • Reflexology
    • To strengthen the immune system
    • Stress relief

Time for Reflection – Spirit

  • Body Scan (Body Awareness / Body Travel)
    • Better perceive sensations and signals of your body
  • Mental Training

Time to slow down – soul

  • Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen
    • Through targeted tension and relaxation of individual muscle groups, muscle tension is reduced
  • Singing bowl massage (no groups)
    • For stress reduction
    • Provides deep relaxation
    • Relief of headaches

Education and training

  • Massage therapist / wt. Masseuse
  • Lymphatic drainage therapist
  • Mental Training
  • Sound energetic / relaxation trainer